Friday, March 12, 2010


Gabby and I decided months ago to embark on our first Mother Daughter trip.
My best friend was having a baby and we decided to take a trip out to Idaho to throw her a baby shower and meet the new little one.
The adventure started on February 25th with a trip to the Long Beach airport. We waited for our plane and were the first aboard. This was Gabbys 2nd time on a plane but her first was at 5 months so she thought it was her first.

Smooth flight into Vegas and then on to Idaho Falls.

Gabby was completely entranced with snow and the horses through the back fence at Tiff's.
Upon arriving at the airport in Idaho Falls around 8:30 that evening we were greeted by a lady in labor! Yes Tiff was already in labor but still came to pick us up. Now when I say labor I mean the beginning stages of labor, so we still had some time. We drove out to Shelley to Tiffs and got settled, put on a movie for Gabby to watch while we sat intently timing contractions. About 11:30 we decided it was time to head for the hospital.
Friday February 26, 2010 4:12am Britin N'Kai Matthews entered the world.

We figured this would squash our plans to have the baby shower on Saturday; however, Ms. Matthews had other plans and we forged ahead.

We had a great time and Thank you to everyone that came to the shower and participated in our silly games. A special thanks to Tara Barber for being there to take some beautiful pictures of the shower and of the adorable newborn.

The week was filled with lots of fun and catching up with people that I haven't seen in years and getting to meet lots of little ones that I have never had the chance to meet.
We got to have lunch with Lyn'l & Adi one day.
Adorable Adi this was once Lyn'l finally got her to sit still and not take her shoes off.
Gabby and Jeff's little boy Renzy. I couldn't get Jaxton to hold still long enough to get a photo.
Here is Gabby and all her goofiness.
Gabby also celebrated her 10th birthday while we were in Idaho and Grandma Lori came down from Wyoming to take her birthday shopping. Smart girl asked Grandma to buy her the Diary of a Wimpy kid books. . . Grandma Lori bought her all of them!! I had to take a picture of her reading cause it's not something we see her do very often.
Tiffany and I took her to the Arcade for a little fun on her birthday after her elaborate lunch of choice. . .McDonalds.
Here are some more pictures of Beautiful Britin.
and as I was finally preparing this to be posted Tiffany sent me a new picture of the cute 6 week old Britin. Well I was going to share it with you but my cell phone has decided it dosn't want to forward the picture to my computer so that will be a picture for another day.


Camie Rae Coles said...

Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! What a fun time it sounds like you had! And that baby!!! Wow. I wish I had know you were in IF! I would have come and said hello! Miss you bunches! Pass on my love to Tiffy when you talk to her again!!

Tara Ann said...

Anytime! You should post some of the more formal pics ;)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid... it's been the best series and saved my horrid present buying butt for two years now... now that Kidd's outgrown the series I don't know what I'll get him for his birthday and Christmas anymore!